Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why the Slow Start for Myers?

There is probably more than one reason Mr. Myers isn't replicating last season's magic at this point.

Tyler Myers has had a weak start to his sophomore campaign. Not helping matters much, is that the Buffalo Sabres are dying by his sword right now, just as they lived by it last season. His 48 point plus-13 rookie season was a great treat, but his 1 point, minus-7 start to his second has been a crappy trick.

I would say that the theories I have heard to explain his slow start are relatively reasonable. So far I have heard that off-season personnel changes, increased league exposure, poor all-around play by his team, and increased pressure from his new role as #1 D-man are legit probabilities.

One factor that hasn't been brought up here is his increase in weight/muscle mass.

Myers is noticeably larger now than he was last spring. Just look at his neck now compared to last season.

Ask a hockey player who has ever gained/lost a lot of weight in a relatively short period, and they probably will tell you that there is an adjustment period. One thing that is often compromised when weight is put on is agility.

Could this be part of the big soph's problem?

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  1. I haven't watched enough to say I know the answer, but what about missing the guy widely credited with shepherding his growth last year: one Mr. Hank Tallinder?