Monday, September 27, 2010

Twin Span to Nowhere

Buffalo is largely a city of people who no longer live there. That's not to denigrate the fine citizens of the Queen City; on the contrary, expats from and around the Western New York (WNY) area identify it as "home" in a way that few other cities can boast. Ask where someone is from, and if it's west of Rochester and east of the PA state line, they're probably going to say "Buffalo." That said, the region has had its hardships. It's a tough place to make a living, and apparently an even tougher place to win a championship. Many of the best products of the area find their greatest success elsewhere - but there's nothing they'd like more than to bring that success home.

The writers of this blog are among those aforementioned expats, a cadre of sports fanatics who bleed a messy mix of blue, red and gold. Perhaps you are, too. Perhaps you're trying not to get fired from work posting for the 18th time today on The Stadium Wall. Perhaps you hit "refresh" waiting for that article on the release of Trent Edwards. Perhaps you're falling head over heels hoping that this new prospect is going to be the final piece in a Sabres Stanley Cup run. Perhaps, you're like us.

Twin Span to Nowhere is about people who identify with Buffalo, the greater Niagara Region, and to some extent Toronto (as long as they keep their football to the three-down, rouge-scoring variety). It's about hope - like the promise of that titular bridge - and knowing failure lurks with trust in another politician, another series, or another overtime. We'll be talking about some common bonds - Bills, Sabres - and our divergences. These usually concern baseball, when to pull a QB who's stinking up the joint, and the value of Tim (They Call Him Mr. Glass) Connolly. We'll all take turns writing hockey and football, and there'll be some regular segments (read:Gimmicks!) to look forward to.

Jim will cover baseball both in general and from the Blue Jays angle. We also boast a Yankee fan in Brendan, and Matt will eventually explain his obsession with the Tigers in general and Matt Nokes in particular. As we slither toward domination of this specialized market, we'll be rolling out more special guest writers and bringing more friends into the mix. It'll be like that time that you purchased a few cases of XXX on the way to whatever show that was in Toronto - except you'll remember it, and maybe you won't even regret it.

We hope you'll stick around for the melee. Welcome to nowhere.

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